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If you are an individual owner/operator or small fleet owner, undoubtedly you are familiar with the challenges of negotiating with brokers and customers to get the freight rates and lanes required to sustain a successful business.  High capital investment and a constantly changing regulatory environment pressure the small fleet owner into managing their short term cash flow constraints rather than their long term profitability.  Intentions of reinvesting in new technology and equipment to realize cost savings in improving efficiency are postponed as resources are repeatedly committed to the daily demands of the increasing maintenance and repair costs.  Increasing fuel prices with insufficient surcharge and rate increases, capital access restraints and incomplete freight networks causing excessive deadhead and an addictive dependence on brokers further compound this quicksand cycle many find themselves treading.

Prime Inc.’s POWER ONLY ADVANCED FLEET Program is designed to blend large company leverage and capacity offering with small company responsiveness and sensitivity to service.  Prime is a very successful asset-based carrier built from the ground up by learning through experience what works and what does not.  We understand very well the challenges individual owner/operators and small fleet owners face.  This program combines all the advantages and solves many of the constraints found at any level in our industry.   Maintaining your own company identity operating under your own business authority you can partner with one of the largest and most successful carriers to join a fleet of carriers who have advanced beyond the daily grind into a strategic alliance.  One of the best advantages of this program include a Prime fuel card to purchase at deep discounts in our network and a 24-hour on an onsite fuel department to troubleshoot any issues you have at the pump or navigating the network.  Equally advantageous is your access to a trailer pool averaging less than two and one half years of age to service a vast and growing freight network including many drop-hook shippers and receivers to enhance efficiency and productivity.  In addition to your regular assigned reload coordinator, you have a 24 hour support network for reload night coverage and an onsite road assist department to troubleshoot and provide assistance and immediate information in both emergency and non-emergency mechanical breakdown situations.

Whether you are a single truck operation or have a fleet of trucks, this program offers a solution to many of the problems you may be facing now or will face in the future.  If you are interested in learning more please contact us at 1-800-891-7277.