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If you are an individual owner/operator or small fleet owner, you are familiar with the challenges of negotiating with brokers and customers to get the freight rates and lanes required to sustain a successful business.

High capital investment and a constantly changing regulatory environment pressures the small fleet owner into managing their short term cash flow constraints rather than their long term profitability.

We understand the challenges individual owner/operators and small fleet owners face. This is why we offer power only with own authority.

Prime is a successful asset-based carrier built from the ground up. We have learned through experience what works and what does not.

Prime, Inc.’s Power Only Advanced Fleet Program is designed to blend our large company leverage and capacity with your small company responsiveness and sensitivity to service. Keep your independence as a small fleet owner and gain the advantage of Prime, Inc.’s power only loads, freight network, fuel discounts, and more.

We are aligned with your success and want you to grow within our power only trucking program!

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Power Only Advanced Fleet Program advantages:

  • Easy entry and minimal startup capital
  • Discounts on fuel, equipment, tires, and the ability to leverage Prime’s buying power.
  • Profit/Cashflow – weekly settlements, cash advances, fuel on account / our network and access to discounts and technology
  • Keep your own authority and brand
  • Learn more about the benefits of Power Only trucking

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