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Power Fleet Carriers Needed!

Prime Inc.’s Power Fleet Program is designed to blend Prime, Inc.’s large company leverage and capacity offering with your small company responsiveness and customer service. If you’re looking for a power fleet trucking company, look no further than Prime, Inc. Power fleet carriers are needed today.

How It Works

After you’ve entered into a brokerage agreement and executed a trailer interchange agreement with our Power Fleet Program, Prime, Inc. will provide the sales and marketing efforts you need to succeed. Immediately, you’ll have the strength of Prime’s existing freight network behind you, providing loads on a dedicated basis. You’ll have access to Prime trailers, as well as drop and hook freight, all while maintaining your own authority and independence.

When you take advantage of this program, Prime will pay you up to 77% of the line haul rate plus fuel surcharge.


This program combines all the advantages and solves many of the constraints found at any level in the trucking industry. With Prime, Inc.’s power fleet trucking company, you can maintain your own company brand and authority while partnering with one of the largest and most successful carriers.

Benefits of the Prime, Inc. Power Fleet Program:

  • Maintain your own authority, brand, and independence
  • Prime, Inc. will provide all sales and marketing efforts
  • Get a Prime, Inc. fuel card to purchase at deep discounts in our network
  • 24-hour onsite fuel department to troubleshoot any issues you have at the pump
  • Access to a trailer pool averaging less than 2 ½ years to enhance productivity and efficiency
  • 24-hour support network for reload night coverage
  • Onsite road assist department to troubleshoot in emergencies and non-emergencies

If you are an individual owner/operator or small fleet owner, you are familiar with the challenges of negotiating with brokers and customers to get the freight rates and lanes required to sustain a successful business.  High capital investment and a constantly changing regulatory environment pressure the small fleet owner into managing their short term cash flow constraints rather than their long term profitability. Investing in new technology and equipment can easily fall second to the daily demands of maintenance and repair costs. Not to mention increasing fuel prices with insufficient surcharge and rate increases, capital access restraints, and incomplete freight networks. Be a part of our power fleet trucking company to help alleviate these pressures and challenges.

Whether you are a single-truck operation or have a fleet of trucks, this program offers a solution to many of the problems you may be facing now or will face in the future.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact us online or call us at 1-800-891-7277.


Signing up is simple and convenient.  Just click the button blow and fill out our easy form online.  It’s that easy!  

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