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Here you’ll find a list of the most commonly asked questions for fleet owners & drivers that are considering Prime’s Power Fleet program.  If you don’t see your question listed here, please fill out the contact form send us your question.  We’re here to make signing up for the best Power Fleet Program on the planet easy!

Our program uses a dispatch-based system, a dispatch coordinator assigned to your fleet will work with you to find the best loads for your drivers based on revenue and reload opportunities.

We encourage the drivers to stay out at least 2 weeks to get the best revenue opportunity out of our freight network. We do work with you to load operators through the house as needed. As an over-the-road program, this is not a Monday-Friday, weekends off type of system.

We have both drop/hook and live load/unload freight in our network, depending on customer.  Most of the time your operator will be the sole operator on a load from loading to unloading.

Most lumper charges are fully reimbursed to you, when driver notifies in real time with empty call via QC or Prime’s Mobile App, and receipt is scanned with all other trip documents.

While we do offer Elogs through the Qualcomm, we do not require their use. You are free to use whatever compliant ELD device you choose.

We prefer trucks 6 years or newer, but we will qualify trucks on a case-by-case basis.

Prime will not be qualifying drivers for you. This is your company, with your own identity, so you will be finding and qualifying your own drivers.

Qualcomm is mandatory in all trucks in the Power Fleet Program. This is the main form of communication that we will use to communicate with the driver, and is also a valuable tool for Prime fuel network routing, Road Service assistance and sending load info to your operator.

This is not an upfront cost. Each week we will deduct $100.00 from the settlement. This money will be added to the performance bond until you reach a total of $3000.00. Once you have reached that total, the weekly deduction will stop and the performance bond will remain at a balance of $3000.00 This deposit allows you to use our Prime accounts for shops, tires and fuel.


Signing up is simple and convenient.  Just click the button blow and fill out our easy form online.  It’s that easy!  

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