Power Fleet Trucking as an Alternative to Semi Trailer Leasing

Driver participating in Power Fleet instead of leasing a trailer

You’ve got your authority. You’ve got a truck. Now you’re ready to haul some loads.

But before you can hit the road, you need a trailer to hold all that cargo.

For owner operators or small carriers who don’t yet have the cash or credit to buy, many start looking for semi trailers for lease. But while leasing can be less expensive than purchasing, it does carry significant costs of its own:

  • Responsibility for repairs
  • Taxes
  • Extra insurance to cover the lessee’s investment

In addition, if you buy at end of the lease term, you may wind up paying more than if you had bought the trailer outright to begin with.

Power only trucking is a great option to combine adding trailers to your fleet along with a freight network. This means no trailer lease payments and no trailer shop bills. Not only do you get a trailer – you get a fleet of trailers – which means you can increase utilization now with some of our freight being drop-hook and the option to swap, drop or repower loads.

Needless to say, power fleet offers the potential for substantial cost savings, along with other advantages:

  • Increased profit
  • Save on monthly costs for insuring a trailer
  • More time-efficiency
  • Easier operation
  • Easier transportation
  • Drivers don’t have to load and unload trailers – improving driver safety and reducing the risk of injury

Power only carriers who partner with Prime Inc.’s Advanced Fleet program get access to an extensive network of drop-hook customers and a large fleet of state-of-the-art trailers no more than 6 years old.

Trailers come with fuel-efficient equipment such as wide-based tires, trailer trails and skirts and door switches. Prime Inc. also offers a number of discounts, including industry-leading fuel savings. Read more about Prime Inc.’s state-of-the-art semi trailers.

Advanced Fleet partners benefit from reduced loading/unloading time, better utilization of hours and more effective trip planning, which yields important results for the bottom line — in the form of better cash flow, greater profitability and more effective equipment utilization.  

Are you interested in an alternative to buying or leasing more trailers for your fleet? Contact Advanced Fleet online or call 1-800-891-7277 to find out if Prime Inc.’s power fleet carrier program is the right option for you.