Q & A

Do I get to pick my freight?

You don’t need to sort through freight boards to find a  load. We will handle all of that for you with our Re-Load Coordinators that will be working directly with you and your operator.

Can you get my driver home every weekend?

We encourage the drivers to stay out for 3-4 weeks to be able to run the entire freight network to generate the most revenue.  Ideally, we would load your operator to or through for home-time as needed. Not likely to be “home” every weekend.

Is the power fleet program for just drop/hook freight?

In our program we have both drop and hook freight along with live load and live unload freight depending on the customer.  Most of the time your operator will be the sole operator on a load from loading to unloading. We do have several customers with drop/hook opportunities.

Who pays for lumpers?

Most lumper charges are fully reimbursed to you, as long as notified in real time with empty call and receipt is scanned in with all other trip documents.

Do I have to use Elogs on the QC?

In the Power Fleet Program you are not required to use Elogs until it is mandated by the DOT. We can offer an Elog option for interested carriers who qualify. This option is subject to additional qualification criteria. It can be used as a great way to get familiar with EOBR’s before they are mandated.

Will my old truck qualify?

The age of your truck does matter! We are looking for trucks that are 6 years old or newer.

Does Prime provide the driver?

Prime will not be qualifying drivers for you. This is your company, with your own identity, so your company will be finding and qualifying your own drivers.

Is Qualcomm mandatory or can I use the current system I have?

Qualcomm is mandatory in all trucks in the Power Fleet Program. This is the main form of communication that we will use to communicate with the driver, and is also valuable for fuel routing and customer information for your operator.

What is the $3000 QC performance bond for?

This is not an upfront cost. Each week from the settlement we will deduct  $100.00. This money each week will apply to the performance bond until you reach a total of $3000.00. Once you have reached that total, the $100.00 will no longer be deducted out of the settlement and the performance bond will remain at a balance of $3000.00, until the Qualcomm is returned if you decided to go elsewhere.


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